Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Wednesday 26th October


Today was well interesting as is everyday when you live in my madhouse. We had to go food shopping today, because you guessed it we didn't have any food. So we got their and my mum had watched this show called 'Extreme Couponing' when Americans buy like £400 worth of stuff and get it for 1 penny, using coupons. My mum thought well that'll save some money, so she scoured the internet and printed off coupons, and said her shopping would cost us £2, which was great. We got there and literally I have never counted 50 boxes of cereal before. We get to the checkout and my mums so confident it's going to cost us £2, she has her little £2 coin ready and she says, 'I'll have to book our next holiday after this'. All excited, it cost us £400.67 (67p over) she handed over the coupons and well... they wouldn't work. The checkout guy was laughing at us and the manager kicked us out in the nicest way possible. 'You waste my shops time, i'll waste yours!'. I was just thinking 'Steady on mate'. The embarressment of it all. But that's what happens in my house in half term. See ya's for tomorrow.

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