Saturday, 1 October 2011

Saturday 1st October


Today, well 'Pinch, Punch, First day of the month!'. It has been a month since the blog has been launched! Yey! *Happy Dance*. And this month has been so successful, we aimed to get 20 pageviews per day to reach 600 per month. Within the whole month of September we have 757 pageviews! And to keep the success going continue to follow me, click on adverts and if you have an idea for the site comment below. You never know you might get to host a contest! So today, I had gone swimming with my friend, and we decided to go to the Chinese buffet restaurant afterwards. As we went up to get our food, I pulled my cardigan out of my swimming bag and put it on... Somehow my pants had got caught in the sleeve, so when I put my arm through, they fell out on to the floor and I didn't notice! My knickers must've just been sitting there for ages, until a waiter pointed at them and asked if they were mine! I had to pick them up in front of everyone! And October is Breast cancer awareness month, that is why I am wearing pink! See ya tomorrow, remember to follow me!

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