Friday, 14 October 2011

Friday 14th October


Today, what can I say. We were learning about 'HIV and Aid's' today and I was given an 'Oral sex' card. I went shopping though afterwards with my Nan. We went into a shoe shop and  I said to my sis "look at these gross shoes", really loudly and then I put them on four fun. Then, a lady just randomly came up to me and said " please can you take my shoes off".The whole shop turned around and stared at me, all these grannies giving me the evils! I started pretending i was on the phone to someone! It really didn't work so I just walked out to the nearest cafe. So embaressing. Today I wore a top for the NSPCC with some pretty little stars in glitter, you likey? You also liking the fact it's for charity? Good. Two days till I meet the 'Mystery celebrity'. And if you bump into me, say hello! See ya's and don't forget to follow moi and click on the adverts!

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