Thursday, 27 October 2011

Thursday 27th October


Today was well interesting. Today, was the day I realised it was the fourth day of half term and I had completed 0 homework assignments and literally typed like mad on this laptop. But She didn't care. Her boss was comming to dinner tonight so she was rushing around moaning, 'You kid's never do anything around here, always me!'. Then when we're bored and say,'What can I do?' she says nothing. You can never please parents! But she said she needed to go out and get her hair done and stuff so she left me in charge to make my famous meatballs. But since I was so bummed up with homework they kinda stuck to the pan and well burnt? So She came back and I had left to buy some ready meals from Iceland (Where mum's go, because it's so good and cheap). Let't just say the boss noticed and wrinkled her nose up at it. But whilst we were eating very sophisticatedly with her boss, That came down and started showing us all his new move from LMFAO's video 'Sexy and I know it'. Geez. Liking my top? Yeah, I felt like putting on 'Little miss happy' but I well wasn't. See ya's tomorrow. I'll be pampered tomorrow!

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