Thursday, 13 October 2011

Thursday 13th October


Today, was painful. Last night I did a few hundred sit-ups and now have burns down my back, why didn't anybody tell me. Anyone heard of Mymaths? I swear i'm gonna hire some ninja to crash the site. But when your doing alegbra google 'Algebra calculators' they are useful when you do the last, hard questions. I also had the joy of Geography. Yes, one of the lessons you snore in, we did an assessment and well we were allowed to use our homework that wikipedia copied! The joy. I also had Art which was well fun. If your definition of fun is sitting next to some freak who flicks rubber bits at you and jogs your attempts to be the next Picasso. Then when it was 5 minutes till hometime, I started feeling boated. So I just had to walk home, knee's crossed for about 45 minutes. And She just doesn't care that I could of wet myself infront of others? Cheek of it. See ya's for tomorrow.

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