Monday, 3 October 2011

Monday 3rd October


Sorry for not posting yesterday! But we do now have a facebook page :) Anyways, on with the blog! (I'm kinda gonna combine today's and yesterdays for you).
So yesterday, I went shopping (As usual) and entered a little modelling contest. Had my photo taken saw it posted on Facebook later and boom. Embaressing! So today, my mum allowed me to invite my boyf round and I normally wouldn't be allowed to have boys in my room. Yeah, like we're really gonna make out at 14? I was so excited when he arrived. We headed up to my bedroom, and we talked for a bit and it  was going swell. Suddenly She burst into my room and just threw a box of tampons on my lap and walked out again. She must have bought them for me when she was out. I was mortified, but my boyf just laughed! We sat in silence for ages after that! He told all his friends at school, too, and they posted it on Facebook! Amazing way to act infront of my first proper boyfriend. 

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