Saturday, 1 September 2012

Saturday 1st September


Today was interesting. I've been doing this for a whole 365 days! Woop, chinese to celebrate was meant to have sundaes, but too stuffed. Finished my volunteer work for the summer holidays another wooo. One thing I haven't finished was my project, due for release for Christmas. :( I'll have to stay up late tonight! Anywa, one day, I slept in and had to rush to get ready for volunteer work, so I quickly showered and got dressed. What bugged me was I'm meant to wake up at 8:30am (I KNOW!) and I got up at 9:15am (For a 9:30am start) and I get downstairs half asleep and alarmed, to see It awake claiming he'd been up since 6am! Cheeky. And yeah, poisoned his cereal and milk [Joking... ;)] When I arrived at the library, I realised my bra was way too small… It was That's! It was really tight, but the only thing I could do was try to ignore it. Later , I was sitting reading a story to little children (With lots of parents watching), when I heard a PING!  The front of my bra had snapped; infront of little children and parents. Sadly, I think I corrupted the kids! Good job I was surrounded by books, lovely covers... Literally. Anywho. Thank you very very very
VERY! much for reading the blog! See ya's for tomorrow!x

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