Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wednesday 5th September

Today was interesting. First day back at school: dun dun dun. As a red shirt, *gasp*. Meaning I'm in the upper school, whilst years 7,8,9 are in petty, green shirts. I do find it a bit offensive, do we get incredibly hormonal in year 10 that the label us the devil child? The ones with tempers? Maybe that's the point, to say beware to the little ones. I guess going to bed late, the night before, isn't the best idea. But hey when it's a photo shoot  who says no? 50's themed diner, ooft. Great shoot actually, wore a phenomenal dress. Vintage, pink laced :) Very Marilyn Monroe. We were out posing on the street and some random, nosy parkers enquired, 'Are they from an agency or something?' I was thinking in my head imagining I was with Elite (Well. Kinda. Ish). In reality the photographer said, 'Two of the girls waitress here' and I was thinking 'I'm no waitress!'. Some little girls even said, 'Are they famous?' I was thinking bless! Even got called the 'Diva' of the shoot as I couldn't smile. Maybe on set I should bring MazziMaz with me. Imagine hiring him for a shoot just to sit there, look beautiful and be hysterical. Lush. I also think the term, 'Make-up remover' should become a job title. I always scrub and scrub and nothing vanishes. Today was actually a pretty cool day at school, possibly the best first day ever.Graphics, a homework task playing games! Business was interesting. Bear in mind I own my own ;P But seriously, FOUR girls in one class of 30. I would be all, 'Ooh lucky me!' And it's not as if we can see the eye candy, sat at the front and the teacher's not a male. But let's be honest, Tumblr Boys are nowhere to be seen in real life. So that anticipation to see if the new boys are Tumblr Boys continues...See ya's!

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