Friday, 8 June 2012

Friday 8th June

Today it's FRIDAY! Where'd the week go? Today I thought hey let's do some painting. I'm not sure why, but I just painted a long, Gaga-esque dress. Of course something had to go wrong. I did a really angelic one and then I did a dark, edgier one. Of course the radiators were packed so I could squidge one in my room and I had to squidge the darker one in the kitchen. Next to the dog's food bowl. (I swear this is where my clothes end up drying. I can wear black skinnies and they always end up covered in dog hair! The cheek of it, of wait who does the laundy. 'The Old&Wise one?'). Did I mention she's a tad ditzy. Rubs off on me. I reluctantly placed my masterpiece on the radiator. I then decided 'Hey let's do Zumba. The most exciting, frustrating and sweating sport to do!'. I say exciting - well it is. Frustrating- have you ever played it? The belt never fits you properly and you have the move with it falling off you. The wii remote always flops around; if you're a boy it's normal, if you're a girl it's a skeptical thought of having a fake widdler for a session. And sweating- within the first dance you feel it coming off you. How glamorous. I was so concentrated on Zumba; I didn't think about what could be happening in the kitchen. Or to be more precise, what the dog was doing. I came back to the dog throwing up my masterpiece. What's worse was that the dog had got the darker paint colours. The more toxic ones. Oh well. He deserves it for all the times he jumps on top of me. 'Can we get a labrador like the ones on the Andrex adverts?' 'No darling they're too big'. So She buys a massive German Shepherd- a very overexcited German shepherd. Always full of beans, leaping everywhere. WOOP DE DOO. Oh well. Turns out whilst the angelic one was drying, he got to it too! She's just hairy. Too many boas. Very Gaga. See ya's for tomorrow when I dread (Not really I love them. Most of the time...) volunteering with angels! x

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