Friday, 18 November 2011

Friday 18th November


Today was interesting. As you can see I am in my Pyjama's with a little buddy, Pudsey! Everyone does silly things for charity, whether that is going into school in pyjama's when no-one else does or sitting in a bath full of jelly. Well at school I thought let's be nice and organise a cake sale for Children In Need, so I called up my mum's baker friend who said she could only make a few cupcakes to donate, because she was stuffed with orders. So I decided to bake a load with my friend's round, dancing and messing around as we did this. We were in tears at hair nets.? So we sold out, even to the hotties. They were talking to us and one of them (The player who the year 7's hang on to his every word), you know with a little crowd of year 7 monster's (Not the nice ones!) and he bit into the cake (We'd made) and cracked his tooth! Year 7's started giving it to us, who the heck do they think they are. Some of them think they own the blooming school and expect Year 9's to move for them. Cheek of it! Can't wait for the telethon tonight, looking forward to the One Direction boys & the Outnumbered crew :D See ya!

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