Monday, 4 June 2012

Monday 4th June

Today was interesting. Infact, it wasn't really. How interesting can cleaning your bedroom be and trying to fix your Internet? On Saturday I had my first job, as you know. I didn't actually write about the madness which occured on the day; due to crap Internet connection. Well I was up at 7:00am (on a Saturday) to catch my bus to an unknown area. I had printed off my Google maps and off I went-I was petrified on the bus. I was tallying the stops as we past them and I had the feeling I had missed one. I did actually get off at the correct stop! Just walked the wrong way getting off the bus. 5 Minute walk turned into a 25 minute one. I blamed it on the lack of signs saying 'School'. I got there and it was freezing. I had to sit on a desk asking for admission, infront of a tree. This tree, which had a vigorous amount of wind passing through it, caused a few times coins always went flying. Of course, the other worker was on the front gate in the sun. I blame the weather girls who aren't very good at their jobs. All they're good for is 'V-Neck' tops for the male audience. I put on my Summer clothes and of course the Sun wasn't out for me! I must've spent a good 20 seconds gulping down my hot chocolate. Bought very kindly by the event organiser. Sales went well, except some pesks got in without paying. Of course they were scummy teenagers. I shouldn't really talk about teenagers like that- they could hunt me down. You know the scrawny sort. They got in for free which bugged me. And another family, with an old lady got in for free. Just let the toddlers toddle in past the gate... Have you ever eaten lunch with a toddler playing around with their bubble swords? Gross. I did however take a cupcake home. A squashed one. See ya's for tomorrow! x

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