Saturday, 1 September 2012

Thank you!


Happy Birthday to ArrayO'Style today! One year old :) We've had a truly, stylish first year! Quite a few people I'd like to thank today for all the support we've had, I couldn't of done it without you: My Mum for helping me when I wasn't feeling well and just encouraging me when I felt like giving up (Many times actually), 'The Old&Wise One?' for cheering me on, 'It' and 'That' for laughing away and also providing articles!

The donators. Everyone loves a giveaway and well without them I doubt we would've stuck this long. Donators include: Kwirky Klips , Forever Fabulous , Betty Buff , Butterfly Twists , Life of Reilly cupcakes , iKandi, Sparkling Jewellery , DelightedAngel , TeeTweet , Smooch cosmetics . I'd like to thank all of you personally for having faith in the blog and I hope we have provided as much fulfillment and support as you have to us. 

Last massive, MASSIVE! Thank you is to you readers. I'm targeting a fickle age group- but I feel I have kept a lot of teenagers interested. If not, this year I would like more teenagers to tune in. So if you know any give them the link!

For the birthday I thought of a massive giveaway as a party, but sadly nothing has been planned. Instead, I will party by eating some delish ice cream sundaes. :)

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