Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sunday 9th September

Today was interesting. Wearing a dress that was in London Fashion Week, ooft honoured. In erm a park. Getting it covered in mud and dogs, excrete. As you do. Another shoot today (Two in one week I squeezed in! Bear in mind I have school) woo. I think I preferred this one today. As the male, photographer was kinda erm aesthetically pleasing (Thank lord this is a blog for teenage girls). So yes. It was very Alice in Wonderland. Highlight of the day was when the other models wear changing into something, kinkay. Bra's were on show (but if you're like me and have pathetic bras with strappy, spaghetti-style straps upstaging you, any bra is always on show).   and the photographer went, 'Well 80% of us have boobs. I will if I keep eating the way I do'I was thinking, 'Meaning I actually have titties or he has some bigger than mine?' didn't help that at that point he was 'double checking' to see if I had a growth spurt, lol. I also competed with a spider in one shot. Little rascal trying to steal the shot. When we were in a group shot the designer shouted out,'Make yourself stand out' so I just positioned my hands infront of the other girls. Brownie points to me! Funny how the photographer liked it, hahah.
Is it me, but is it cringey when boys pout? Specially when their lips are super glossy. I'm sat there thinking, 'How TF is that possible, boy?'. Asking a boy for make-up tips, as you do.
See ya's for tomorrow!x

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