Saturday, 15 September 2012

Saturday 15th September

Saturday Night!
Woo Saturday night! Revision guides purchased, revision timetable devised. Weekend's will be free to enjoy spectacular Strictly Come Dancing. Love, love, LOVE the show. Always inspires me to be on the show. Hopefully one day I will be on there. Probably not as a pro (Imagine the dresses every year) as well i'm too old to start ballroom dancing now. Maybe as a celeb. Possibly an old lady, LOL. Imagine an old lady who's fit enough to thrust. The moment your photos are fully edited and are on Facebook, accessible to the world. It's like that scene in a horror film, you want to look but at the same time you don't! Actually look dreadful. Anyways... That awkward moment you walk out of a shop with a full up coke bottle when there's an incredulously incredible bunch of boys there. And yeah. You drop the coke bottle, spoiling there blatantly obvious Hollister polo tops. Yes that wasn't meant to happen. I bizarrely like Hollister. But the coke didn't... As the coke's green, green and white. Bogey colours! Yeah but, no but. Was wearing shorts as well so my legs weren't particularly clean either. Not nice considering the way someone was fooling around with fake tan and accidentally got it on my legs... Coke and fake tan, don't go down too well together... See ya's for tomorrow!x

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