Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday 28th September

Today was interesting. The annual birthday, wait 366 days for it and well it always proves a treat. Last night spent a night out 'shopping'. I wasn't the one shopping and I guess taking someone out shopping (Knowing they have no money) the day before their birthday (when they do get money) was a tad silly. It's not like everyone would be all, 'Oh darling have whatever you want, I've won the lottery' it'd be more, 'Tight wod get it yourself'.Tend to get incredulously peeved off when shopping (I know, online shopaholic instead). The crowds, the queues, budgeting, waiting for others in shops... I fancy Chinese  oh lets eat in a steak house place. I mean seriously a children's menu with five choices? And four of them happen to be burgers then a spaghetti. What if I don't fancy a burger? The meat slathered in cheese. When you say 'no cheese' what do you get, cheese. So, as I was teased for going for a spaghetti, 'You can have that at home you boring person' this was the NIGHT before my birthday. So I went for a burger. Which came with bacon and cheese. So I say no cheese or bacon. Come back with a triple helping of both. Yes, I'm not allergic to cheese or anything... So there I was gasping and shriveling up. Blotchy, looking very fabulous I must say for a dinner. This is the latest trend, looking sick in a restaurant. The waiter's with the super tight trousers didn't even notice. Epi pen in a restaurant how drastic. Then today, eh. My school photo blew up on the screen surrounded by birthday balloons, nice but eh. I didn't particularly look stunning in the good way. The audience were stunned in the bad way... Anyway. The actual birthday was very eh. Presents were alright but as I said, I'm so critical.Cake, burnt... Oh the drama, She going nuts apologising. Even had to take the bus home, on my birthday. Waiting for an hour in the rain is not the one, on the birthday. Now officially 15 years old (well in an hour or so) boo yeah. Alan Carr's this evening, woo.
At least I can say this year has been my best year ever. ArrayOStyle has brought content this year and I hope the 15 year old me still entertains.

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