Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Tuesday 25th September

Today was interesting. Luckily, I was inside when it started raining today. Didn't die of hypothermia (I think that's the one when you die due to being freezing) died of the complete opposite. Central heating :) When the siblings walk outside in their shorts thinking it'll be a nice day at school; within five minutes it's raining and you're tucked up at home, with a hot chocolate and biccies :) Do love a non-pupil day. Although, don't like it when I don't get a single thing done. Well, except fashion week... And did hoover. Funny thing about living with a dog. Minute you hoover, he's back and the carpet's a tip again. So typical. Just like a child. Anywhom. Planning the girls night out for the birthday, will be a blast. Felt like putting a picture of a handbag there. As you do when you're home alone, Grandma pops around. I love, love, love my grandma to bits, but today she did just go overboard.  We were in the pharmacy because I'd had really bad constipation all that week, when I spotted some popular people from my class.I begged my grandma to leave reminding her she'll miss Corrie but she wasn't going to drop it. I tried to hide behind a display of shampoo, but then she shouted, '[Insert my name], we'll never get this sorted if you won't come over.' So, of course everyone knew I was there, great. Then my grandma said loudly to the woman behind the counter, 'She can't poo, can we have some medicine?' I couldn't really wet myself or crap my pants, because I really couldn't! So embarrassed and she asked the lady so curtly. See ya's for tomorrow, not long till my birthday!!

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