Saturday, 29 September 2012

Saturday 29th Septemb

Today was interesting. Can't use the excuse 'It's my birthday' anymore. Weird how we look forward to this day, it's quickly gone and let's face it. A tad boring, if on a school night. Today was party day. Gangnam has to be the most annoying (yet catchy) song yet. Casually walking down the street with the buds and sing the song to a crew of dodgy looking hoodies. As you do. Then to some little toddlers, who joined in. Then asked an old lady, 'Is this the way to amerillo?' unfortunately she was a tourist and didn't get the joke and looked lost. Awks. I was going to go out clubbing but we did cupcakes instead. Gosh that came out wrong. 15 year old dirty mind coming on, oh wait I had a dirty mind anyway! Cuppy cup cakes. Lush. Whenever I bake I always do just cocoa powder and icing sugar, but nutella icing. Nom nom nom. Eating like an animal, as you do. Strictly's not on tonight, waaah. Instead, X Factor. Is it worth a watch? Haven't bothered with it this year, or last year. Also, MazziMaz didn't tweet me yesterday! Had a little present in the post this morning. I swear just a word or gesture can alter my mood. Yesterday, presents didn't help neither did people screeching 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU'. But just an email saying thanks is nice. Or even just a clip online of someone doing something silly. Like drinking rainbow milk. I can't stand milk, so drinking 3 litres I would probably end up dead. Anyways. Feel like watching a flash mob after seeing the Gangnam one on Youtube. How fun. See ya's for tomorrow when I review a little present. :) I should do a Birthday haul video, but got revision tomorrow. Eh.

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