Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wednesday 19th September

Woo, halfway through the week. 3 Girls in my business class today, it was horrid. Shouldn't be moaning- but when you're working with them and you continuously get called 'MODEL'. And boys well when they hear the term 'MODEL' they expect glamour models... thanks The Sun. Not neccessarily a bad thing, but when you're around hormone/sex-crazed teenage; boys who apparently 'get off' with every girl they meet at an under 18's (they're 14/15 year 10's. Aren't year 7's digging them?)  it's not appealing. Such a sexist class really. 3 Girls and 25 boys. How sexist? Is that saying girls don't succeed in business? Anywho. 9 Days till the birthday! Wooo. Means, cake and presents. Not too into the presents, just gimme cake! I have a weird obsession with cake. Revision timetable not in full swing unfortunately, but I will be reviewing some gorgeous products, wooo and continuing to review fashion week in full glory. Yay! Anyways, my 9 year old brother is doing the under wear dance. Awks. See ya's for tomorrow!

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