Monday, 24 September 2012

Monday 24th September

Today was very interesting. Did not get round to Fashion Week on my half day; purely due to the day from hell. Firstly a half day from school- fair, easy and quite fun. Funnily enough, whenever I use public transport the day goes downhill... So I walk to the bus stop as normal, the bus is there waiting. All I needed to do was run across the road and boom, it left. The next one: late of course. The one I finally got on I got asked for ID. At 14 years of age, just because I ordered a child single ticket. First time this year I've been asked for ID, who brings ID to school? It's not like after school I head to the airport, jetting away (I wish). Or I go to the off license. Infact, that's what those bus drivers are promoting! Hahaha. Being serious, why else would someone carry ID on a bus? Or a fake ID for a licensed place. Cheeky cow she was, telling me off. I only had the fare at £1.05 and she's all, 'I shouldn't let you on then'. Picture the scene, traditional Blighty. Rain pouring, Jack Frost about. If it was like the Bahamas I wouldn't mind walking home, but Blighty. But of course she let me on. If she didn't I'd cry and tell my mummy and get her told off. I did actually go home and tell my mummy and she did get told off. When was 14 years old classed as an adult? I pay bloody taxes, I fund those buses, I should be getting my say! Even if it's 5p, I'm not working! If someone's old enough to buy alcohol, surely they're classed as an adult. I think i'll start that petition. Anyway, the part that bugged me the most. The fare for an adult was £2.10 and I was carrying £1.20. As I walked off she said, 'Little liar you had more money anyway!' Who the devil was she talking to? Like 15 pence was going to pay for the adult fare. Seriously... It's my 15th this week and I had no idea I was apparently an, 'adult'. Not impressed. Also not impressed I was locked outside my house for 3 hours, (MUM). Yeah so the day from hell. To make things worse, on my BIRTHDAY I have to take public transport. Afraid it's going to be a taxi home. Not very amusing posts today, but if I wasn't locked outside my house I would've posted LFW then done Milano fashion week. But, the birthday spectactular is this week. Everything can happen. Bit like the Hunger Games. Yes, my cake better not have food poisoning! See ya's for tomorrow. And if there's any busdrivers reading, if I'm ever on a bus. Run.

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