Monday, 3 September 2012

Today was interesting. Who went 'Back 2 Skool' today? I didn't, but That is heading to big school. A little fish in a big pond as they say. So, if you're starting big school this week, don't panic! Everyone will be in the same boat as you; if you're making friends, look for those with similar bags/pencil cases. A true fashionista studies in style. Always. Anywho, as the older sister you just have to tease them. On my first day of school someone called me a 'sket' and a 'skank' which I thought coming from boys in tracksuit bottoms, not even in school uniform and poorly attired. Course my sister gets into the grammar school , just because they changed the grade barriers. If I took it now I would've passed. Anyway, food shopping and the last minute school dash today. I was in the supermarket with my mum when I left her to go to the toilets (highly ranked, doubted). I came running back to find her and dove straight in to the trolley to look for my 'school geometry set' (sweets) she’d put in. Not recognising anything in the trolley, I looked up to see a man watching me rifling through his groceries! My mum couldn’t stop laughing from the other end of the aisle. Even an employee noticed and sniggered, discreetly. See ya's for tomorrow. Photo shoot time !

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