Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Tuesday 18th September

Today was interesting. See, interesting day today. It actually was, LOL. See I was standing with my friends ambling off to the chip shop (As you soo do when you model) and my friend's year seven sister walked over. I thought as usual it would be a sister chat; which half of it was. Till she bounced back off, high energy off and said, '[Insert my name] I hate you!' When she directed that at me her bounciness had gone and it was serious. I was on my way out so I just giggled under my breath. I thought it was a bit Irish because I had only met her once and she had dancing, so I had only met her for five minutes at her house. Which I was eating food, unless that's offensive kill me now? Awkward moment her friend saunters over with a 'Talk to the hand' hand out, but as she was in year seven you couldn't exactly see her hand... Awks. Anywho, sent the friend to pester her about it. As they're sisters god knows what could happen... Who likes the piccie? From a designer called 'La   Papillion Rouge' or 'The Red Butterfly' if you are a french novice. That was all my bickering for today. Off for more revision *Hold the applause*. Good luck to anyone doing exams, etc. See ya's for tomorrow, I'll see what the little sister replies back!

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