Friday, 14 September 2012

Friday 14th September

Today was interesting. Finally the weekend. Woooo. *Then looks at To Do List and isn't looking forward to chores all week, but is equally looking forward to London Fashion Week breakdowns* WOO! Possibly the last weekend of the summer too, considering the weather has gotten colder recently. It's always when you're off school the sun decides to stay in and when it's school time the sun decides to party. Now it's hungover and won't return till whenever. Bit like some of the kids in my class... On the other hand of the spectrum It- who studies comfortably in a grammar school (HEY!) and there's people who didn't even take their entrance exam and they go there. They have to get up at 5:30AM just to go there and groan all day about work. Beg to differ. Anyway. The question I've been questioning today in my delusional head is friends in high school. Why can't we change cliches? I mean you get to know the 'populars' in lesson, so what if you want to hang out with them it's a big deal. Interesting.
  London Fashion Week has started off with a bang and from the gossip of the newspapers it should be a treat. London isn't particularly my favourite, Paris is. Just for the reason they carry Dior and Chanel and over here we have... I guess Mulberry but Mulberry isn't really for me. 'The Old&Wise One?' is obsessed with it; She is also obsessed. But only a tad. I did like the very trendy range they did with a zebra print bag. I don't feel their brand is very- my age group (What shop nowadays actually does satisfy my market? None. That's why shopping is a nightmare for me! Online all the way). I'm not saying their bags aren't attractive or whatever. Just not me. Also an issue arose on Breakfast television this morning. Why are there no disabled models on the catwalk? One quick answer, no work for them. The industry is too strict at the moment. They barely take on 5ft8 girls, let alone disabled girls. I wonder what will come of that question. Probably nothing but it's one to watch. Agreed?
  I must warn my darling readers that it's now revision season. Woo...... The room goes silent. That means I may miss the odd article (May occur ALOT during November, I'm sure you lot will be revising too. If not, revise!). Or two or a few. Sometimes I do feel guilty when I don't post, but hey it's exams and I have to succeed these. I have a feeling I'll be placed on the higher paper soon... No pressure *Pressure automatically added*. So. See ya's for today. I'll be posting New York fashion week highlights this weekend. woo. I haven't actually seen many pictures (I lie I've watched one show *gasp*) so it'll be a surprise. See ya's!

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