Friday, 31 August 2012

So, a fellow blogger worked and designed cards and various other products (including best sellers) for Marks & Spencers. Then, they copy her design. Like this:

M&S is on the left, her Etched Floral tea towel is on the right. Uncanny right?

That's just too similar to complain, 'They had no idea the design existed.' Bearing in mind Rachel designed for them on a regular basis. Do you think it's fair? 
So what is next? Please sign this petition to help enforce better rules for designers. I am backing ACID all the way and I hope you join me in this fight as this is something that is harming the design world...we need to fight back and be heard! Just under 300 signatures are needed so if you can just take 30 seconds to sign it, you'll be making the world of difference. 
For more information look here for the full story:

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