Thursday, 13 September 2012

Thursday 13th September

Today was interesting. When you're sat next to smokers and you start pulling that fake coughing fit, but hey it's a real coughing fit. Yeah go die weed smokers. What a name. Weed. I mean, i'd be apprehensive myself. Thinking someone weed in it- or it tastes like someone had... ANYWAY! (If you do smoke and you're under 18 take note). Back to volunteer work today, woop. They always seem to be so obsessed with cakes. They're always doing cake decorating, sweetie tasting. I'm just sat there questioning how our country suffers with childhood obesity. Can't think of any reasons. My birthday's on the McMillan coffee day. Whilst Lucy Meck (What the heck it's Lucy Meck) is dressing up in a cupcake dress, i'm sat on the laptop. As per usual, dreaming of being at fashion week. I seriously need a birthday idea. I was in a really boring lesson at school, so decided to do some flirting with my crush to pass the time. As a girl does when she's in a room with boys.I was trying to make lots of eye contact and angle my leg towards him - you know, all that body language stuff. I started to swing my leg back and forth, but as I did, some knickers flew out of my trouser leg and into his hand.All his Christmasses came at once, joking. I'd been in a rush that morning and hadn't realised yesterday's pants had got caught up with my trousers. My crush laughed, but hasn't spoken to me since/ Worst day ever! Doesn't help that the teacher was all, 'They're sooo not your colour' to him.Good job he was sat on a predominantly female table so any of us could've gone for it. See ya's for tomorrow! #ICantWaitForTheWeekendToBegin !

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