Monday, 10 September 2012

Monday 10th August

Today was interesting. My Maths teacher is from Africa (Or somewhere similar) so when i'm sat trying to take notes (for a GCSE exam) and he's trying to teach decimals he keeps moaning, 'Dats ma place' I'm like, 'Get on with the lesson, not too keen on your house'. Turns out he was mentioning decimal places. But still. Doesn't help i'm sat next to a stud from my road. So funny as I'm not keen on him; but my mum says 'Oooh look at him in those tight trousers'. And my first instinct is, 'MUM WTF. HE'S LIKE 30 YEARS YOUR SENIOR. THAT'S PAEDOPHILIA!' My second is, 'Is he gay?' Funny with boys today. It's automatically 'cool' to dress like girls. I think the Jonas Brothers  have really corrupted the fashion sense of boys today. Tighter jeans than your girlfriend? Cardigans? Pouting? And blame the TOWIE crew for: clothes that don't fit, bags which females wear and of course fake tan or as they say 'Guyliner'. The stud wears guyliner. Which is a little disturbing as he smells nothing like a girl (Pity for me). Who's had that moment when you think, 'BINTM and Styled to rock marathon'! then homework when mum's friends pop round and its all bottoms up. I have to postpone my marathon (Waa. Boo. Hiss!) and as I have to look so enthused by their presence, by the time they leave (severly drunk) I have no time to do my homework or watch my stuff. Why! There's probably people thinking, 'She's such a bad influence doing her homework late' eh. Seriously, who does homework when they get it? When I get it my Internet is pants and there's an event instead. Like random dinner party, surprise opticians appointment. You get the jest. Best feeling is being sat in a business studies class staring at blank minds thinking, 'I own a business already. In your face!'. I'm very confused. One female photographer says I have a young look. Another says I look so much older than 14. What to go with?! If I'm young to still be a Disney Channel kid someone get me in contact with them. Who didn't dream of being like Hannah Montana as a kid? Then I tried speaking like Hannah Montana to my parents... not so dreamlike.
See ya's for tomorrow!x

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