Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Wednesday 12th September

Today was interesting; in reality it wasn't, it's only Wednesday and I'm beckoning for the weekend. Not like the weekend is any different, it's just lazying around. But everyone looks forward to it :) My weekend is more fitting in exercise and sitting on the laptop. If I didn't have my laptop I'd just die. Not being melodramatic (Well I am, LOL) but yeah my laptop is practically the king. (We had a lesson about homelessness and we had to think of items we couldn't live without). Bit awkward when you're seated next to someone who has a girlfriend and suddenly I'm steering him away from his girlfriend, funny eh. Specially when the lunch break previously you were questioning his campness... Anyways. The thing which I've been thinking about thoroughly today is my birthday. If you read last years, you KNOW my birthday is always a bit. Topsy-turvy let's say. Cake: Check (Fit for a fashionista). Party? Not checked. I was thinking go out get 'drunk' on soft drinks at an under 18's club, as I haven't been and year 7's are cooler than me. Guess it's normal for those growing up nowadays. Or. Have an interesting party; any ideas gratefully accepted. Weird how I'm going to turn 15, but I'm more excited for next year. I did want to go to Paris Fashion Week which I always embed when conversing to the mother, but never gets through. Maybe I'll have to go around with a nightclub sign saying, 'TAKE ME TO THE LOUIS VUITTON SHOW! IT'S ON MY BIRTHDAY MOMMA!' Not sure that'll work. Don't ask= don't get. Anywho, photos are rubbish quality. I know. But, photos should be revealed soon, modelling for a delicious clothing brand :) See ya's for tomorrow. #TwoDaysTillWeekend !

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