Thursday, 6 September 2012

Today was interesting. Gosh the Year 7's get stranger each year. I was at a bus stop (As you do) and my sister's ex boyfriend walks along, with his massive backpack. (Do the year 7's remind you of turtles or is it just me?) and his little friends come along. One of them tripped up an old lady... Leave it at that. One of them repeated a joke (Which is good enough to steal, ssshh). I'm doing your mum. A favour.
69% of people find dirty content in sentences.
Then they giggled with their girly, unbroken voices. Bless their little cotton socks; but tripping up an old lady... I'm telling your mummy on you. Weird as I actually know their mums, aha. Oooft, get me. Anyway, freedom to go home for lunch. It really does bug me when people my age are smoking in general. But it's worse when they do it in: public places, where teachers patrol the area and when it's in your face. I mean I do the fake asthma attack on them. Pow, own the street. Anywhoo. Apologies to any year 7's reading who may feel offended. But yeah, if you trip up old ladies or are deliberately being a silly billy. I may have to call your mummy.

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