Saturday, 26 November 2011

Saturday 26th November


Today was interesting and I wore this little ensemble. Bold blue is a great colour blocking base which all the celebs are trending mainly due to the cold weather- You may of seen very bright shades of nail varnish recently. Layer up with accessories for a 'I didn't try too much' outfit. The Christmas church fayre was on today and my friend's and I thought we'd donate our time and volunteer with serving refreshments. Hard work serving the lunch crowd all over hot chocolate's! On break, We where messing around and for some reason I started spinning around with my hot chocolate in my hand. Round and round and crash, I smacked straight into the customer waiting at the counter. It just so happened to be my head teacher's Mum, as it is.. My hot chocolate went all down her (fabulous but expensive) white top. Sadly, she didn't want any hot chocolate so we stopped selling :( Also, remember yesterday I posted about a missing girl at school? Well I can confirm she's been found. See ya's for tomorrow!

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