Saturday, 5 November 2011

Saturday 5th November


Today, I hear alot of fat people falling over oh wait was that the fireworks? Or maybe someone had a bit too much curry for dinner. Well, me and my friends bought tickets to a big fireworks show at a beach near a park with tree's, I went to check my phone and  I saw the strangest thing. It looked like there was rain coming out of a bend in the branch of a tree. I was thinking, SPRINKLERS! Like in the movies. So all of this water is going everywhere, and I pointed it out to some of my friends. I couldnt figure out what it is, so I walked over to it and put my hand under it. That's when one of my friends pointed out the squirell had just been peeing all over the place and over my nice trenchcoat, and my ugg boots. Infront of just about everyone from school and from town. I think the line of the day was by It and he said, 'I hear fireworks, but I don't see them?'. Lmao. See ya's for tomorrow, for some more spooky costumes.

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