Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sunday 20th November


Today was interesting. I'm so jel at the moment, everyone's just going 'Sitting in cinema waiting for Breaking Dawn' rub it in thanks? Secretly i'm reading the book as fast as I can! But we went to a shopping centre today, I think She had needed some present inspiration *Cough, had to go to the post office to get big parcels, my prezzies*I got mega bored because of all the shops we could have been in, you know we could of walked all the way into somewhere actually interesting that weren't full of ancient junk that clutters the floor I asked my mum when could we leave because I was bored and getting hungry (A chocolate fountain was next door) , so she replied in a really loud voice, "Are you showing off because of the boy over there?" Of course straight away I said no, but I went bright red and She and It burst out laughing. They laughed even harder when the boy looked over. I was now ready to go and chase that chocolate fountain. So I did, paied and kind of filled my cup with too much, made a mess and ran out. Chocolate was nice you could say. See ya's.

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