Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sunday 6th November


Today, I wore this outfit which I officially love too much. Oh well, I can wear it as much as I like :) But today I went to the cinema, which really was no point going to, because like most films the adverts have the only good bit in it (Mr Beans Holiday repeat). So I was sitting in the cinema, and my friend was holding the popcorn and she went to the bathroom and the guy next to her had popcorn candy coke and ice cream all brand new and it was all on the ground next to my friends popcorn.I grabbed all of it thinking she had got it for me and ate it all before she came back I had a light lunch so I was starving but anyway: when she came back she asked me why I didn't eat any popcorn and I thought she was kidding so I kept eating, ya know as you do when your starved.Finally a raging man approached us and said that I had stolen his stuff and neglected to give it back. So I played cool and had my friend say she had just bought it for me he cooled down and said he was sorry he made a mistake. It doesn't end there; the cinema is in the mall so naturally we went to the shops afterwards. I was talking to my friend about how dumb that guy had been for beleiving me when all of a sudden he walked up to us and said I was was in a lot of trouble he brought me to customer service and they laughed but he refused to leave until they called my parents so they did and my parents told him he was a snob over the phone when I saw his face I ran so fast out of there its not even funny. Whatta day. See you tomorrow!

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