Thursday, 17 November 2011

Thursday 17th November


Today was cool. Anyone get it when you win nothing. Including the lottery, raffles at school or those contest's on morning TV? Well guess what, I actually won something! £50 worth of free clothes :) I won the contest from the nice guy's at perfect if your fundraising for your school or club. I won the clothes including this bad boy< from, they are established in the UK and the USA. This is a genuine, Baby Phat jacket, which is very trendy and slightly nautical. The colour is so now. But on with today, I chose to do dance for an academy lesson so today we were showing our taster of 'Bollywood'. It's a shame we couldn't dress up in the sparkly stuff :( But we had to perform to the other academy class.I really went for it, mainly because I wanted to impress the popular's, you know the ones who are permanently orange?  I heard my friends giggling,there were a few other sniggers, but I ignored them. I was secretly thinking someone was just taking the pee out of me, so I kicked my leg's higher and really did it. Afterwards, in the changing room one of my friends said, "I think you need a better bra." I asked why and turned bright red as she told me my breasts were bouncing up and down badly when I performed. Bill and Bob, along the front row got a show. Who else is excited for Breaking Dawn tomorrow!? Eek! I don't know why i'm excited, i'm going on Saturday. But I will be posting some picture's from the premiere! Good luck to anyone seeing it at 00:01am. Remember Children in need is tomorrow!

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