Friday, 11 November 2011

Friday 11th October


Today was interesting. I was on the bus home because my mum got this new job and I either sit in the library alone on a computer with no homework to keep me occupied and no Facebook either. I was sat next to an ancient chinese lady who seemed jolly just smiling at me and saying 'Do you like school' and all that rubbish, all was okay until my Science teacher, with wild frizzy hair, sat infront of me on the bus.Recently I got braces, so I now sound well you know,  which have made my lips really dry I have this special lip liquid in a tube. I was putting a bit on my finger when it wouldnt come out, so I squeezed it really hard.Let's just say I would of got some sort of detention at what the liquid did. She didn't appreciate its somersaults. It absolutely stank of mint. Well luckily I haven't got her tomorrow. Who was a rude git today on Rememberance day? I wasn't. I want to celebrate the soldiers lives lost. RIP to them. See ya remember to follow me. Or I slap yah with me fishy.

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