Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Tuesday 8th November


Today I had the ever-entertaining dance and drama. Well, slight problem... I choose to do drama outside and you know it's usually a laugh. But since all the year above us have gone, it's so boring literally, you would of thought someone had died in there. And of course I chose to read a rubbish part (It was the only female left and erm who likes wearing moustaches?) and we stuck with those parts and as i'm a mouse I have to endour the pain of learning 3 lines for the show. 3 small lines! 3! How can I showcase my fabulousness in 3 lines? If I overexaggerate them it won't work will it? And it's not like my drama teacher said,'Oh know, Keira's got the lead because she is the most amazing, beautiful, oscar-deserving, breathtaking actress ever!'. No. My drama teacher is more fussed who brings what note to class each week. It should be you pay £5 a week but everyone pays at once and when your mum does the shopping and forgets to give you cash she's a bit, erm fed up with you? Dance is cool. Ish. The teacher is inspiring. Well she's copied most her junk from Michael Jackson video's and all we ever do is street. Street this, street that. You don't make a career in street do you! Thing called variety. Oh well. Performing arts schools gotta love them! See ya's and don't forget to follow moi.

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