Friday, 25 November 2011

Friday 25th November


Today was interesting. A girl in our year has gone missing it was in the newspaper and I told She she said,'Your not very sympathetic'.  As She is one of those,'Oh my what about the poor parents' and always thinks I'm going to go off the rails since apparently 'Children  with fatherless figures are 70% likely to do drugs' so I always get a lesson on things. She sent me out saying, 'How can you sit at home when there's a girl in your school missing?' So me and my bestie decided to go 'looking' through the high street. We were 'looking' (Trying on outfits in a shop)  I had really tight skinny jeans on (Misread label and put on kid's ones) and when it came to the time to take them off I had trouble. I was struggling to get my foot out when just casually,fell over and burst through the curtain where there was a little boy with his mum standing there in shock. My best mate had pulled the curtain to cover her but I was left out in the open in just my pants and bra. You know your besties do care alot for themselves. See ya's for tomorrow! (I guess it's my duty to promote a missing child so if you see this girl call the police Thank you.

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