Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sunday 27th November


Today was interesting. That had a date today with an actual boyfriend. Ik she's 10 has worked her way around the football team, actually had a boyfriend and has her first date at 10 years old! But, I went to spy on them with my bestie. We got the table nearest the window, the one which also had a big plant infront of it. I ordered a portion of chip's and I always use my ketchup strangely. I actually squirt the ketchup on each individual chip. Peculiar, but taste's good. I was about to squirt some on this one chip and I heard That's boyfriend say some compliments to her, I hesitated from my chip's and concentrated on them. NO SMOOCHIES! Back to the chip's and bam, all my chip's got stuck in the ketchup bottle which then overloaded and exploded down my top. All that and no kissies! See ya's for tomorrow.

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