Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Wednesday 16th November


Today was interesting. Went round my friend's house and yes we're Year 9 and still play 'Hide and seek'. Of course we had the would you rathers. 'Would you rather sit in a fat persons fat or hug a person who has B.O'? I won't tell you my answer. But let's move on with what else happened! I was in a lesson sitting one seat away from my super-hot crush, who was staring at me (Because imma sexay beast :P) so I decided to impress him and put on some mascara to get some more attention. I went under the table pretending to have dropped a pen. I then tried to put on mascara with out any mirror or light, effort much? When my ancient, professor teacher called my name and, in effort to get up quickly, I smudged mascara all over my face without realising. Then I had a glance in my mirror, I looked like I tatooed my face in pen ink? My teacher came round and said 'You look very pretty with your make-up on' then stuck a gold star on my forehead? Is that even legal? See ya's for tomorrow.

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