Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Wednesday 2nd October


Today I will merge yesterday's and today's together. So I came back to test week (Yay) and they really think we revise in half term? Half term = give us a rest. We're not going to sit and revise all day are we? Oh well. I was sat in not a soundproof room with Physics books and a class next door going over the answers. You heard nothing. But they knew it wasn't soundproof so I heard nothing :( Except a load of noise. But when do mock tests involve 60 marks? Maths was better because we actually recapped before we did our test, (Yay!). But after school my friend is currently moving house so I asked to come 'House hunting'. We saw this cute little house by a bakery. I just love cake. We opened the door and started looking around. All of a sudden someone came in and said. "What are you doing in my house?" It turned out that the owner of the house had just moved there and was only there to lock it up, she had forgotten to take the for sale sign off. Oops. See ya for tomorrow. Remember to tell those friends about our site.

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