Friday, 4 November 2011

Friday 4th November


Today was interesting. Three cheers for two test's in one lesson, hip hip no.But today my friend's were hungry (I wasn't, I was so bloated from water all day I felt like giving birth). So we all walked to McDonalds (Eurgh) my friend and I were playing with the ketchup, because we got heaps of packets, and we were squirting them all over the table, then I went to the bathroom to wipe it off my hands, and when I walked out this guy I really liked saw me walk out of the bathroom, and he looked at my skirt and said "You leaked..." And I looked down and there was ketchup on my trousers and he thought it was period, before i could explain he had walked off with his friend... Great. When I walked in That exclaimed, 'Keira had an accident with food colouring!'. Well. That ruined my day. Not too mention i've been so bloated recently. See ya's.

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