Monday, 28 November 2011

Monday 28th November


Today was interesting. I had finished my task's in lesson today when everyone started confessing their crushes. I sat and listened, just to take in any gossip for the facebook.. The girls knew I was listening and asked me when they had gone round the circle. Instead of doing the whole 'No-one yet I go home and stare at his perfection everyday' I started saying how I couldn't choose out of two because they were both nice lad's and perfect etc. It all went a bit silent. Then, I seemed to be the entertainment. You could tell with the looks I was getting. So I turned around 'tidying the rubbish'  and he was right behind me having heard the whole thing. Sugar. The nosiness of some people, I mean really. No need to eavesdrop. As you can see today I rooted out a branded top, because I hadn't worn it yet on the blog. Quite nice colours really. I did it for some just dance in my living room. Mainly because I put a load of effort in and get humiliated by some 40 something who gets 10,000.  Jeez. See ya's for tomorrow. Check out my recent contest! for those hawt clutches :)

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