Thursday, 10 November 2011

Thursday 10th November


Today was cool-ish. Likey my outfit? I love the colours in this top, so cute and funky. Anyways your probably wondering what happened today but theres a rather gay looking teacher in my school. Bleach blonde hair, Justin Bieber swift. I've got to interview him about his dancing in the west end. Oooh lucky me! I'm not going to ask for any wacky costumes or anything.. I walked into my tutor group with my friends and sat down. Everyone started else laughing, but no one would tell us why. It wasn't until about a whole half hour later when we discovered we all had this really gross bird poo streaked on our backs! We must have all leaned on something a bird had pooped on! It was so embarrassing, but to make it worse my boyfriend said it was too embarrassing for him too, and dumped me! Oh dear 

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