Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Tuesday 29th November


Today was interesting. This is my costume for my drama classes, i'm playing a school girl. I've decided to do my three lines smartly. I'm going to do a really over the top snobby character, just so I stand out against everyones boring characters. Tip to actors': Really think about your character. I suggest do very stand out ones like a dumb child, a clean freak or a snob with an accent. Accent's are good for laugh's. We had some P.E today in the freezing cold (Sympathy, on go my sob story), We were warming up for a netball match by running around the court. I was running beside my friend so we ran along talking about the strike and our plans. I was so distracted and engrossed in our conversation, that just casually, ran head first into the netball post.  I received two black eyes as keepsakes of the day and another pro we lost the game. See ya;s for tomorrow!

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