Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sunday 13th November


Today was boring.So I rang my friend to go out shopping, although the night before I had decided my laptop for Christmas. She said, 'Aren't you saving' I said 'Yeah but why not look!'. As the shopaholic I am, well I say that but i'm one of those people who go into a load of shops see nothing I like (When I have money) and stop for the corner shop to buy a chocolate bar. Then the next week, when I have stored my money in the bank, there's something nice in the shops. While we were out I spotted my crush. I whispered in her ear lets go into the clothes shop he was in, not stalking him or anything... As we entered, she saw a dress she wanted to try on. I said I would wait outside. I saw my crush and waved to catch his eye, then sat down to try and look cool. I hit the deck and a whole load of clothes fell on top of me. Turns out I'd sat on a shelf, not a bench, and it had collapsed. What was worse was I started going into Drama Queen Mode by exclaiming, 'Ahhh help me! I'm being attacked by a pile of hideous clothes!'. The snobby looking shop assistant didn't appreciate that remark. Well she's not a fashion blogger, she has no right to judge.

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