Thursday, 24 November 2011

Thursday 24th November


(Sorry for not posting last night guys, I was in bed all day getting sick of the taste of Nurofen so I could get to see a film I had booked tickets for 3 weeks in advance, turned out they didn't give refunds so I kept coughing into my tissues!). BEST MOVIE EVER! She also declared I needed more rest today, so she sent me to bed straight away. But you know when your in bed and can't move your arms much, so when you want a drink it's a mission not to move your whole body, well I was after my drink (Of apple juice) I got it in the end.Put it up and the mutt we keep for a pet came upstairs. He's quite a playful, cheeky dog; Likes getting into trouble and making us mad basically. He came up into my room and knocked my apple juice, magazine (I read when I couldn't sleep) and my bedside lamp. There might of been just a teensy mess, you know enough for you to get into an argument with She, 'But it wasn't me, that mutt is out to get me'. You know how it is. See ya's for tomorrow.

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