Monday, 21 November 2011

Monday 21st November


Today was interesting. I wore sequin's which I rarely wear, sequin's are going to be big on the New Year's Celebrations. Of course along with sick from too many drinks. I wore sequins mainly due to my cold, to lift my spirits. I was walking to class with my brand new school bag, well let's say a bag She wouldn't approve of me bringing to school. But you know if the popular's bring there Louis Vuitton's in, not just girls, I might aswell bring in a designer bag i've been saving up for ages for!  I was so happy that it wasn't sold out and starting singing and letting it swing all the way around my wrist. I heard someone call me name, so I spun around and my new bag had smacked a really tough looking 6th former in the face.He wasn't impressed and started to clench his fist's together, luckily my room was just there :) Oh happy days. See ya's for tomorrow, don't forget to follow.

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