Saturday, 12 November 2011

Saturday 12th November


Today was interesting. I was out food shopping with my mum, uncool you may say but it's uncool when your mum brings you back the wrong food! So she asked me to go back and get the shopping bags ,which we had forgotten. So I was looking through the car and there was this lady, in trackie's probably on benfits, puffing away next to me. I am asthmatic so I really get cheesed off when people are puffing away carelessly. So to wind her up, I started taking quick deep breathes, acting of course, I got to the stage when I sounded like a dog breathing heavily. Faking it. Then I started panicking and had an asthma attack for real. Yeah then she looked, and  just stared. No 'I'm so sorry darling'. Just a look which said 'It's-a-free-country-i'll-do-as-I-want'. Kindly an old lady yelled at the woman for me. Haha. Cheek of it. See ya's for tomorrow!

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