Saturday, 11 February 2012

Saturday 11th February

Hooray it's Saturday!

Today was interesting. Don't you just love it when you say to your mum, 'I fancy chips and curry sauce' and she brings you back this massive fish all greasy and gross and she expects me to eat it. I never like the fish in the chip shop because it's all processed, I like the nice ones coated in proper batter which are fresher and less greasy. Anyways, today I thought it would be cool to wear size 9-10 skinny jeans, I even got cocky as 10-11 fit me so I thought lets try these. I did and It thought it was clever to drag me out in the freezing cold, just to go on a trampoline. It made me do toe touches, and as my trampoline is visible from the kitchen (Where She had some work colleagues round) it had to happen. The trousers decided to split up and go off and meet other people, perfectly fine but they had to have an audience for it didn't they? Little drama queens. Oh well, the photo shoot is tomorrow. See ya;s for tomorrow!

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