Friday, 25 May 2012

Friday 25th May

Today was interesting. As you can see, i'm getting high on lipsmackers. Gotta love putting milk chocolate under your nose. YUM! Also been getting high on Rihanna's new song, not keen on the video. Imagine being a singer- I would honestly go mad. Madly outrageous. Little cousins came round today; apart from messing up my bedroom. Don't you just hate it when your room is in immaculate condition and they mess it up? I do too, with passion. So I took them outside into the sunnyness of the garden. Apart from complaining, we played with a tennis ball and he kept throwing it into the bushes, as they do when it's boiling and they decided to be a pain.  I decided to make them run for it, so I threw it as fast and hard as I could...right over the hedge and into my neighbour's bowl of soup and the others landed on a hot dog, slathered in ketchup. Soup flew everywhere and the ketchup had a mark.She made me go round and apologise. They didn't seem pleased. These are 30 year old males living together- they're normally always bubbly and happy. Oh jeez that 'Look' the 'Look-Of-Betrayal' and 'The-Look-Of-Poor-Disgust-Of-Your-Music' did I mention I also sung, very loudly in the garden. Did I mention I cannot sing at all and when I do sing everyone reacts as if there's a war coming. I can assure you there isn't. I can assure you I won't become a singer and if I do I won't do a Tulisa, I will actually just mime instead and get the best nerds around. Oh and i'll have the best backing dancers in skimpy outfits too. That'll sell. Getting paid £5 per hour this weekend for sunbathing on the beach! Always a catch. I'm handing out leaflets. Of course the scrounger, siblings of mine jumped at the chance and mentioned that they would 'help' if they received dosh. Poundland ice lollies then... and if they're greedy and actually help, a penny. To share... THEY HAVE MORE DOSH IN THEIR BANK ACCOUNTS THAN ME! I think i'm being quite fair. See ya's for tomorrow and good luck with the tanning! I've been 'bouncing' on the trampoline, in the blazing sun today.

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