Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My Stylish Saturday

 ‘Sistah what you gonna do today?’ Asked brother.
Well bruva, we sauntered to London. Reaching Choccywoccydoodah. Chocolate deffo got me out of bed that morning. Their cakes need to be served by Francisco Lachowski; who doesn’t dream about male models and cake?!

 You’re probably wondering what I bought (which wasn’t food related) If you’re a girl and you haven’t visited Victoria’s Secret, you gotta go there. Even when strolling into the store, the lovely sales assistant gave us a free bracelets. And it wasn’t a ‘Smiles-Then-Looks-Down-On-You’ kind of employee either. I bought ‘Love Spell’ which smells sexy and eradicates the ‘Looks-Like-An-11-Year-Old’ aura I have.
Who likes the other smexical stuff I bought?
When you’re working at Kate Moss’s model agency, you’re obligated to strut your stuff around. Work it. Literally. Plus when you’re organising the new breed of male supermodels, it has its [pecks] perks. It’s awesome to be sat in a room surrounded by the model’s cards. They’re smouldering at you. JOURDAN DUNN CAME IN! SHE SIGNED A PICTURE FOR ME AND SAID I HAD ‘A BEAUTIFUL NAME!’
*Passes out due to coolness overload*

Jourdan forgot to leave the card and took it with her -.- But it’s in the post. RESULT. I didn’t speak to her (too busy updating LINDSEY WIXSON’s portfolio, IKR). But looked fab. Like she does in pictures, but she was natural, perfect and nice. Her street style beats Rihanna hands down. (Sorry Rihanna if you’re reading, if you are I like signed albums too).

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