Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Wednesday 22nd February


Today was interesting. The middle of the week horah, two days till the weekend of studying. Screaming on the inside. Right, i'm getting a tad peed off atm. I'm a year 9 not some ratty year 7, so yesterday in the canteen a wrapper was thrown at my face, thank god it didn't stuck. Did they know I was wearing moisturiser and spot cream? So if it stuck I would be pounding their faces and getting my daddy to tell them off :) Today when I was walking around I got slapped by some grotty hand. Er hello, hygiene does exist? But, I had a plan today I rubbed some body butter on my face, so they got some of my Granny's favourite body butter. Always trending...I had the ever joying food technology, which you're meant to cook in but our teacher's been sick for 3 lessons. I secretly think they can't afford it... We had ICT too which was all careers based. Apparently when I finish university i'll either be a; retail buyer (Pretty cool!), Actor (YEAH BABES!), Merchandiser or in advertising(Cool!) or in Public Relations. Or some antiques dealer or a sex education teacher. I'm not sure how they got that! See ya's for tomorrow! P.S: Who also had last minute pancakes today? Delish, never by 'Shake and bake' they are utter crap.

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